Wormholes are special events offering pilots a portal into the unknown.  Pilots brave enough to enter will notice several differences compared to the environment they are used to.


  • Pilots who have achieved greater than rank 5 will be able to access wormholes.
  • The loadouts used in wormholes will be automatically assigned and available to all pilots in that wormholes. The available loadouts may include ships which would not normally be unlocked to pilots.
  • The actions of pilots in wormholes will count towards daily missions but will not affect their position in Leagues. Should pilots wish to see how they compare with other wormhole explorers a 'Recent Wormhole' leaderboard table is available.
  • Rewards (silver, salvage and experience) gained in wormholes will remain with the player.
  • Pilots may find wormhole environments different from other game modes. They should expect the unexpected.
  • Wormholes will generally remain open for several days before collapsing. How long a wormhole will remain open is displayed by a timer, which is visible in the Wormhole node via the main menu.
  • Pilots can see when another wormhole opening will occur by checking the Wormhole node which will display a timer indicating when the next wormhole will open.
  • Wormholes are only available in multiplayer mode.



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