Leagues (Alpha)


For the more competitive pilots the leagues provide a measurement of their skill compared with others. Through victory and determination pilots can work their way up through the leagues and proudly display their position for all to see.

Pilots can work their way up through the various leagues by taking part certain types of  PvP matches.

The following game modes will not count towards a players position in the league:

  • PVP Combat in the Proving Grounds server
  • PVP Combat in Wormholes game modes
  • PVE Combat in Co-Op game modes
  • PVE Combat in Survival game modes
  • PVE Combat in Recall game modes

The Four Leagues Explained 

Diamond League: Any pilots skilled enough to place within the Diamond League can be considered the best of the best. This league is populated with only the top 10 pilots.

Ruby League: With a membership limit of around 1000 pilots, gaining access to such an exclusive group is a major achievement.

Sapphire League: The Sapphire League has a membership of approximately 10,000 pilots and is the first step to greatness for a pilot.

Emerald League: The fourth and final league is where the majority of pilots will be ranked. Participation in one of the valid PvP matches will grant placement here.  

The Valkyrie League match summary is an optional screen that is only displayed to pilots that “opt in” to it. Pilots can toggle this additional information via Valkyrie League Menu. By default, this option is set to ON.


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