Callsign and Account Creation


When players first log into the game they will be asked to choose the gender of their pilot. Their Callsign, the publicly visible pilots name, will automatically be assigned:

  • For Oculus players it will be their Username.
  • For Steam players it will be their Profile Name.
  • For PlayStation players it will be their PSN ID.
  • The Callsign of pilots is not able to be changed and will need to remain the same.


EVE: Valkyrie Website Account Linking

In order to gain access to the EVE: Valkyrie Account web site, pilots will have to register their account and link it to their existing Valkyrie account. This can be done by following the steps below:

  1. Visit the EVE: Valkyrie Account web site
  2. Click on the Login option.
  3. When prompted to log in they should click on the login icon (Oculus, Steam, PSN) for the platform where they have EVE: Valkyrie installed.
  4. Players should be prompted to log into their platform account.
  5. After entering their account details players should then be directed back to EVE: Valkyrie web site and prompted for a valid email address and password they wish to be associated with their account.



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