Founder's Pack


The Founder’s Pack for EVE: Valkyrie has been retired. It granted players access to a selection of time-limited and visual customization content for their profile in-game and on the EVE: Valkyrie forum. You can still unlock paint jobs, XP boosters and other optional ship customizations with the currency you earn in-game.

EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s Packs were sold with any purchase, digital or physical disc, of EVE: Valkyrie made before 07 June 2017.

From 07 June 2017, any digital purchase of EVE: Valkyrie will not include any Founders Pack Items. Pilots who purchase the digital retail version of EVE: Valkyrie on 07 June 2017 or after will receive the full game, minus the Founder’s Pack content.

Pilots who purchased EVE: Valkyrie in any format, on any platform, before 07 June 2017 keep the Founder’s Pack content they received and may claim the Founder’s Pack items specific for their platform if they have not already been redeemed.

Pilots who purchase EVE: Valkyrie with the Founder’s Pack via physical retail disk for PlayStation 4 will continue to receive the Founder’s Pack items. The codes for the Founder’s Pack, packaged with the physical disc, will remain valid and redeemable until 31 December 2019.

Founder’s Pack content is not available for sale separately.

If pilots feel they should have the Founder's Pack items on their accounts, they may contact Customer Support via a support ticket.

Founder’s Pack Content for the various platforms:

STEAM - Founder's Pack included:

  • Legendary ‘MkV Wraith’ Fighter
  • Exclusive ‘Vanquish’ Flight Suit
  • Limited Edition ‘Vive Founder's Pilot’ Forum Tag
  • 2 500 Gold

 Oculus - Founder's Pack included:

  • Legendary ‘S33-Wraith’ Fighter
  • 2 500 Gold
  • 'Founders Pilot' forum Tag.

PSVR - Founder's Pack included:

  • Legendary ‘S4-Wraith’ Fighter
  • Exclusive ‘Cobalt’ Flight Suit
  • 2 500 Gold
  • PlayStation VR Founders Pilot' Forum Tag
  • Official EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation Network Avatar


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