Ship Progression


All ships are immediately available to a pilot, and they come in 4 different classes: Assault, Heavy, Support, and Covert.

They can be seen from the Hangar. By selecting them, pilots will be able to access the ship's Bio, Customization and Modification options. These options will only be available in the Hangar and off battles, so please, make sure to have the preferred build ready to go before entering the clone vats.





Each ship has a Modifications menu where pilots can spend the XP they have collected on it to boost its Attack, Defense, Tech and Mobility attributes. This allows customizing a ship the way it fits a particular combat style. Equipping mods is free. Giving pilots the ability to toggle them on and off to try different combinations without any extra cost. Pilots will, however, only be permitted to equip one per category at any given time. So, please feel free to experiment with different combinations of unlocked mods.

Most mods have a trade-off; strengthening one property of the ship often occurs at the expense of another. Higher level mods boost properties slightly less, but have no trade-off.



XP is gained exclusively for each ship. After every modification is unlocked on a particular ship, pilots can move the remaining XP to a different one through the XP transfer option.



The modifications, that pilots can use to customize their ships will affect four different categories:

  • Attack: An overall measure of the total offensive capabilities of a ship. This would include damage dealt, frequency of damage, and the quantity of weapons to deliver damage.
  • Defense: The combined defensive capabilities of a ship. Includes shield and armor health, ability to regenerate health, and abilities specific to preventing damage such as countermeasures and overshields.
  • Mobility: A summary of how maneuverable and nimble a ship is. Includes acceleration, max speed, cruising speed, and turning speeds on all axis.
  • Tech: An evaluation of the special abilities of each ship. This includes a number of abilities, the effectiveness of abilities, and the potential impact of the ships Ultra ability when deployed with optimum timing.

Everything related to modifications and cosmetic items can be earned from loot containers as well as purchased with silver. The cost of the items will vary, Common items will have a lower cost than Rare or Epic items. To identify the rarity of an item pilots must simply look at the color of the item’s base. This info is also listed in text below the name.


Ship Bio

Under the Ship Bio menu, pilots can see the abilities and weapon systems installed on the particular ship they have selected.



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