Ship Ultras


Ultras are powerful ship specific abilities that can be used by pilots to help change the tide of battle.

Before an Ultra can be used it must be fully charged, this process can be accelerated by collecting salvage (pictured below) from the battlefield, which is dropped whenever a ship is destroyed.

The reduction in charge time gained from collecting salvage will be applied to the entire team.Once fully charged, pilots can activate an Ultra, after which the ability will go on cool-down. This timer will have to be depleted before the ability can be used again.



Pilots can view the Ultra ability of each ship in their hangar via the Ship Bio option. The Ship Bio also contains information about the other abilities of the ship. 



Here is a brief overview of all Ultras in the game so far and their effects:



Wraith MKVI

Mjolnir One-shot super missile.
Jackal Matter Injection Unlimited boost for a short duration.
Strix Plasma Vent Fire unlimited shots with no overheat penalty.
Yurei Mayhem Increased weapon damage for a short time.



Scarab Void Storm EMP bomb that stuns enemies caught within its radius.
Vulcan Cocoon Adds a powerful over shield.
Corvus Silence Enemy ships caught in the pulse radius are stunned.
Hydra Spectre's Bond Immune to all damage for limited time.



Banshee Fate's Call Fire a pulse that recharges friendly shields within its radius.
Nagi Radiant Bust Fire a pulse which replenishes friendly hulls within its radius.
Medusa Death's Grasp Fires a pulse which strips enemy shield within its radius.
Kirin Dragon's Thorn Embeds a sticky bomb that detonates on an enemy.




Violent Whisper

A large-scale nova bomb with large blast radius.



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