Games Modes (Singleplayer)


Chronicles (Single Player) offer different game modes for pilots to try out their skills and get to know the lore of the game and the universe of EVE: Valkyrie.


Here pilots will find different options to either train, fight or run missions related to the two warring factions of the game, the Valkyrie and the Schism. 

Flight School

Pilots can participate in the Flight School to improve their skills.The flight school contains the following options:

  • Briefing: An introduction to the universe of EVE: Valkyrie.
  • Basic Training: Where pilots can learn the basics of controlling their ships.
  • Combat Arena: Where pilots are challenged to destroy multiple AI controlled ships. The arena allows pilots to test out ships without worrying about being destroyed.
  • Proving Grounds is where pilots can gain experience and progress until they reach Rank 5. Once this benchmark is reached pilots may fly against one another in the open multiplayer environment.



Under the training category, pilots can find a selection of holographic training programs where they can test out the different ship classes in an open environment.

In addition to basic training there are several specialized pieces of training that will take them through the basics of each class of ship.




Recall Missions give pilots a bit of history behind EVE: Valkyrie while also introducing some gameplay mechanics. In these missions, pilots will get a deeper look at the lore of the game and a better idea of the place it occupies in the history of New Eden.

Recalls can be replayed several times, as they are simulations created from memories of different pilots and their experiences. Through these missions, players are taken into the mind of pilots that fly both for the Valkyrie and for the Schism, they will visit different scenarios that will make them journey through many maps and complete objectives for both sides while their story is reconstructed.




Scout Mode

Scout Mode is designed to allow players to explore and fly freely through all available maps of EVE: Valkyrie. There will be no enemies found during Scout missions, however, hidden away in between their structures, these maps contain Echoes and Relics that will provide pilots lore information and special loot for the game.

Echoes can be easily identified on maps as they will look like a blue eye icon. In order to activate them, pilots simply look at them directly for a brief moment. Once discovered, they will trigger messages from different characters belonging to the story of EVE: Valkyrie. After they have been activated for the first time the icon color will change to red.



Relics can be a bit trickier to find, but they will emit a beeping sound when the pilot is close in order to better pinpoint their location. After locating a Relic, pilots must fly through it to acquire it. Once done it will disappear from the map and the counter on the lower left corner will be updated. This is how relics appear in space.



 Survival Mode

In this mode pilots will be able to practice their combat skills against AI enemies in any map, with the possibility to adjust difficulty settings and appear in its Leaderboards.

Survival mode does not provide XP rewards. 



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