Game Modes (Multiplayer)


Proving Grounds

Pilots who just join the ranks of the Valkyrie first must complete a series of multiplayer matches in the Proving Grounds, where all pilots ranked below 5 gather to fight against a team of our training bots. These matches run exclusively in a Team Deathmatch manner, they are designed to give pilots a feel of multiplayer matches and prepares them for what is to come.



Players that get to rank 5 will be able to leave the Proving Grounds and access different multiplayer modes. Each one of them has its own unique objective and challenges:


Team Deathmatch

In this mode, each team starts with a limited number of clones. Each time a pilot is killed, the number of available clones for the team it belongs to goes down by one. When a team is left with no clones left in their tubes, the battle ends. A timer is also used in this mode, should the battle end before either teams' clones are fully depleted, then the team with the most remaining clones is the victor. If each team has the same amount of clones available, then the battle is a draw.



As with Team Death Match, each team will start with a limited number of Clones available for them, as well as a timer. Pilots can also decrease the available number of enemy clones by controlling objectives in the battlefield. For every objective controlled by an enemy, the number of available clones will deplete quicker.

In order to control an objective, pilots will have to deploy drones when they are within range of the point. Drones take some time to be deployed, and when ready will gradually gain control of the point, leaving the pilot free to keep flying. Each pilot can launch one drone at a time, and they will be notified via the HUD when a new one can be deployed. The keys to deploy a drone may be modified from the settings menu, however, the defaulted option to deploy a drone in a gamepad is the upper arrow.

Friendly and hostile drones will cancel each other out. For instance, if there are the same number of hostile and friendly drones at an objective then it will be a stalemate. Pilots should therefore actively attack hostile drones (identified as being red) to ensure their team's drones capture the objective, likewise, a team can adopt a defensive position to hold their drones and capture or maintain a specific point.


Carrier Assault 

The Carrier Assault game mode is a multi-stage battle: 

In Stage One each team will deploy drones at Power Relay Stations with the aim of taking ownership of them. Once a team has ownership of two of the three locations the enemy Carrier's shields will be disabled for a short time. 

Stage Two of the battle involves an attack on the vulnerable enemy Carrier or a desperate defense by the opposing team. The attackers will target Cooling Nodes located on the vulnerable Carrier, highlighted on the HUD, with the aim of reducing the Carrier's defense systems. While attacking these nodes, pilots will have to avoid the automated defenses of the Carrier as well as aggression from the defending team. All of the nodes will need to be destroyed in order for the final stage of the battle to commence.

Stage 3 begins once all the cooling nodes are destroyed, at this point, the Carrier's core will become exposed. The final stage of the battle will see the attackers attempt to destroy the exposed core, accessible via a trench-like tunnel, while the defenders attempt to fend the assault. If sufficient damage is applied to the Core it will overload and explode, giving the attackers a short time to escape the blast radius.



This mode mixes combat and navigational challenges: pilots will have to traverse the map until a Relic is found, after which they will have to deliver it to a safe drop-off location.

Upon match start, the Relic will be visible on the map for both teams to pick up. The first team to do so will have their drop-off location revealed, and their new objective will be to carry it there safely. In contrast, the enemy team's goal will become destroying the Relic Carrier. Should this happen, both teams will be able to pick up the Relic again: the first team will continue with the goal to deliver to their drop-off location, which will remain the same. If the enemy team grabs it then they will be provided with a drop-off location of their own. Once a Relic is dropped off successfully, a new one will spawn on the map, and previous locations that the enemy team had revealed will disappear.

Points will be awarded to a team for many actions that can be taken during the match, for example, if they manage to deliver the Relic to the location correctly, or to the enemy team if they manage to destroy the Relic Carrier. Victory is granted to whoever reaches the point limit first, or to the team with more points at the end of the timer.



Pilots are able to fight together in a squad or use matchmaking to form a team and fight against AI controlled opponents. In CO-OP mode pilots will be granted the same amount of rewards as if they were fighting against other pilots in regular combat matches.



Occasionally, wormholes will appear and be accessible to pilots brave enough to explore the Unknown. These are multiplayer-only events that will put pilot's skills to the test, mixing objectives and restrictions to create a unique challenge. 

Wormholes usually appear during the weekend, and they are events in which twisted and changed versions of the regular map's surface in New Eden to offer the pilots who dare enter them a unique experience with special features, a specific armory, and varied rules. 

More information can be found in the Wormholes article.



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