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With the release of EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone veteran pilots will notice significant changes to the game. This article is intended to provide a summary of the changes these pilots can expect to see. 


Gameplay and Mechanics:

  • Gold has been converted to Gold Capsules. For every 200 Gold, that pilots had in their wallets, they have received 1 Gold Reward Capsule, rounded up to the nearest multiple of 200. If the account had 1 or more gold, at least 1 Gold Reward Capsule was added as compensation.
  • SILVER (VISK) has been factored down and all item prices have adjusted accordingly, so the relative value of the currency remains the same.
  • Launch Tubes have been removed. Pilots will now choose which ship they will fly next upon death.
  • Implants now only countdown towards expiry during online play, and will not do so while offline.
  • Salvage is no longer be used for crafting upgrades. Instead, it is now used to charge a ship's Ultra, a powerful and ship specific ability.
  • XP is now gained for each ship instead of each class. All ships are available from the beginning of the game.
  • Many Paint Jobs have been retired from the game due to the arrival of our next generation of ships. Pilot Cosmetic items remain the same.
  • Leaderboards have been reset due to the new ship type mechanic not being comparable or compatible to the previous iteration. Previous Leaderboards have been immortalized here(link when available)
  • Pilots have been granted 1 Silver Rank Reward Capsule for each Rank they have climbed in the game.


Accounts And Services


  • The Legendary Ships that players obtained through the purchase of a Founder's Pack have been retired, along with the ship class, and they have been replaced with unique Legendary Paint Jobs for the new Wraith MK VI. Similarly, Ember and Sapphire Paint Jobs have been granted in Warzone to eligible pilots and are applicable to all new ships in Warzone.




  • EVE: Valkyrie can now be played without a VR headset: PS4 and PC pilots can now join the ranks of the Valkyrie or the Schism!
  • Added pedal compatibility for the T.4 Flightmaster PS4 HOTAS.


More information about the changes that took place can be found summed in CCP Redcape's post in the Forums, the Patch Notes and the relevant DevBlogs:


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