Issues with Connecting to the Cloud


If a pilot logs into the game and does not progress past the 'Connecting to the Cloud' message then it is likely that their connection to the server is being blocked by a security (firewall or anti-virus) application or network configuration.

Bit defender Internet securities 2015 is known to block the game's connection.

Pilots are advised to try an alternate security application if they persistently see this message and are using the above security application.


There are some steps pilots can take to help stabilize the connection or prevent disconnections:

* Do not use WiFi connection. Ideally, a wired connection should be used between the computer / PS4 and router.

* Limit the speed of any downloads that might be running alongside the game (torrents etc.)

* Try resetting the router and making sure that its firmware (drivers) are up to date.


Pilots are advised to try and delete the '' file inside, which will reset the game settings to a default, inside the following folder:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\CCP Games\Valkyrie\Live

Please substitute <username> with the local Windows username.

Please note the display of hidden files and folders in windows explorer will need to be enabled.

Please try this workaround and try starting the game again. Note: Please shut down EVE: Valkyrie when that file is being deleted.

If this will not solve the issue that the pilots are experiencing, please file a Support Ticket and our Customer Support Team will assist you further with this issue.


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