Pilots are only able to form squads with other pilots who are playing in the same platform (Steam, Oculus and PlayStation) as them. Squad members will join the same battle on the same team, and can be formed with a maximum of five members.

Forming a Squad

Pilots can form a squad by clicking on the Squad icon represented by Wraiths flying in formation, which is visible after a pilot opts to join a multiplayer battle.

Pilots then click on the center hexagon and opt to 'Create Squad'.

Once the squad is created a pilot will have the option to invite up to four friends to be a part of it. The available squad members will be populated from a player's Oculus Home, PlayStation Network or Steam friends list. 


Forming Squads while in Sessions

It is possible to invite pilots to a squad, who are active and in a session (looking for or participating in battles). While in a multiplayer session simply enter the Squads menu and toggle between Friends and Session Pilots. Select a pilot, and invite them to join your Squad.

The list of available pilots for a squad is determined by the platform EVE: Valkyrie is played on, as such PlayStation pilots may only be able to see a list of other PlayStation pilots. They will also receive a sound notification if they are not currently inside the game, which will allow them to join the squad to which they have been invited:

Joining Battles as a Squad

Battles can be joined by the leader of the squad through the Combat interface.

There is a player generated list of potential squadmates on the EVE: Valkyrie forums. Check the forum thread below for more information:

Squad Up: Steam ID callsign directory

Squad up:PSNOnlineID callsign directory

Squad up:Riftplayerscallsigndirectory


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