Silver Capsules

Silver Capsules are earned as rewards for participation in multi-player battles, through which pilots can complete their Daily Challenges.  

Once acquired capsules must be opened for pilots to use the items contained within. Capsules can be opened via the Vault.

It is possible, but not guaranteed, that Silver Capsules will contain a rare item. Only Gold Capsules are guaranteed to contain a rare item.

Gold Capsules

Pilots can purchase Gold Capsules. 

Each Gold Capsule contains at least four in-game items, 1 of which is guaranteed to be Rare quality or better.

Items found in Gold Capsules are: Silver, Implants, Paint Jobs, Decals, Pilot Suits, and Pilot Helmets.

If a Gold Capsule contains an item that’s already in a pilot’s inventory, it will be converted to its equivalent value in Silver, which can be used for further customization purchases or XP transfer. 

The purchase method for Gold Capsules depends on the platform (PSVR, Oculus or Steam) pilots are using.

Oculus Rift pilots can purchase the Gold Capsules in game but this requires the pilots to have the VR Mode enabled.

STEAM pilots can purchase the Gold Capsules in the Steam Store as a DLC.

PlayStation pilots can purchase the Gold Capsules in game via the Vault.




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