Harassment and Offensive Behavior


Should any pilot encounter behavior that is not in the spirit of the game they are encouraged to contact Customer Support by submitting a ticket through the support Help Center or by emailing support@evevalkyrie.com.

Pilots are asked to include as much information in the report as possible including; the callsign of the offender, a description and the date of the offense.

If a pilot is subject to harassment outside of the game, such as through social media, a third party voice application or a third party platform, it is recommended that they contact the respective owner of the platform or local authorities.

CCP will not disclose what, if any, action is taken against a player that is reported. If sufficient information about an offense is supplied, then the reporting ticket will be closed on behalf of the player. This in no way should be taken as a dismissal of players concerns it is simply that we are restricted in what information we will supply about another players account, including what disciplinary action may have been taken against them.


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