EVE: Valkyrie Forum Rules


The forums are intended to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere for the EVE: Valkyrie community.

In order to maintain order and a sense of community, all users should read and follow this policy. By using the EVE: Valkyrieforumsandparticipatingindiscussionthere, users are affirming their willingness to comply with these terms.

These rules have been created to provide you with information about what you can expect as a forum user, what is expected of you, and to answer some questions relating to forum moderation that you may have during your use of the EVE: Valkyrie forums.

The following rules of conduct are to be followed at all times when using the EVE: Valkyrie forums. Breach of these rules will result in users being reprimanded as per the reprimand policy outlined below.

1. Your conduct in-game and on the forum are subject to the same restrictions.
Your forum account is linked to your subscription to the EVE: Valkyrie service. If you are suspended or banned from the game, you will not be able to post on the EVE: Valkyrie forums. If you are suspended or banned from the EVE: Valkyrie forums, your game account will be reviewed and you may also be banned from the game.

2. Be respectful toward others at all times.
The purpose of the EVE: Valkyrie forums is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, and a venue for the discussion of EVE: Valkyrie. Occasionally there will be conflicts that arise when people voice opinions. Forum users are expected to be courteous when disagreeing with others.

3. Ranting is prohibited.
A rant is a post that is often filled with angry and counterproductive comments. A free exchange of ideas is essential to building a strong sense of community and is helpful in development of the game and community. Rantsaredisruptive, and incite flaming and trolling. Please post your thoughts in a concise and clear manner while avoiding going off on rambling tangents.

4. Personal attacks are prohibited.
Commonly known as flaming, personal attacks are posts that are designed to personally berate or insult another forum user. Posts of this nature are not conducive to the community spirit that CCP promotes. As such, this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

5. Trolling is prohibited.
Trolling is a defined as a post that is deliberately designed for the purpose of angering and insulting other players in an attempt to incite retaliation or an emotional response. Posts of this nature are disruptive, often abusive, and do not contribute to the sense of community that CCP promote.

6. Racism and discrimination are prohibited.
Racism, gender stereotyping, hate speech, and sexism are not permitted on the EVE: Valkyrie Forums. Derogatory posting that includes race, religion or sexual preference based personal attacks and trolling can result in immediate suspension of forum posting privileges.

7. Discussion of real-life religion and politics is prohibited.
Discussion of real-life religion and politics is strictly prohibited on the EVE: Valkyrie forums. Discussions of this nature often create animosity between forum users due to real life political or military conflicts. CCP promotes the growth of a gaming community where equality is at the forefront. Nationalist, religious or political affiliations are not part of EVE: Valkyrie, and should not be part of a discussion on the EVE: Valkyrie forums.

8. Use of profanity is prohibited.
The use of profanity is prohibited on the EVE: Valkyrie forums. This includes the partial masking of letters using numbers or alternate symbols. Please keep the forums teen rated.

9. Posting of personal information is prohibited.
The posting of personal information, or “doxxing”, including but not limited to personal contact numbers, email addresses, account names and passwords, home addresses and real-life names is strictly prohibited. CCP respect the right of our players to privacy, and will not tolerate the divulging of real-life personal details.

10. Posting of private CCP communication is prohibited.
The posting of private communication between the Game Masters, EVE: Valkyrie Team members, Moderators, Administrators of the forums and forum users is prohibited. CCP respect the right of our players to privacy and as such you are not permitted to publicize private correspondence (including support ticket responses and emails) received from any member of CCP staff.

11. Discussion of warnings and bans is prohibited.
Such matters shall remain private between CCP and the involved user. Questions or comments concerning warnings and bans will be conveyed through email or private messaging. CCP respect the right of our players to privacy and as such you are not permitted to publicize private correspondence (including support ticket responses and emails) received from any member of CCP staff.

12. Discussion of forum moderation is prohibited.
The discussion of EVE: Valkyrie forum moderation actions generally leads to flaming, trolling and baiting of our ISD CCL moderators. As such, this type of discussion is strictly prohibited under the forum rules. If you have questions regarding the actions of a moderator, please file a support ticket under the Community & Forums Category.

13. Spamming is prohibited.
Spam is defined as the repetitive posting of the same topic or nonsensical post that has no substance and is often designed to annoy other forum users. This can include the words “first”, “go back to ” and other such posts that contribute no value to forum discussion. Spamming also includes the posting of ASCII art within a forum post, or the practice of “thread necromancy” which involved bumping of old threads for no justifiable reason.

14. Pyramid quoting is prohibited.
Pyramid quoting is a response to a forum thread that contains the quotes of four or more previous posters, sometimes with additional spaces added unnecessarily. This kind of posting often distorts the layout of the forums and can cause issues with readability for some users.

15. Posting about bugs and exploits is prohibited.
Bugs and exploits should be reported through the proper channels. Bugs should be brought to the attention of CCP by filing a bug report for our Quality Assurance department. More information on filing bug reports can be found here. Discussions about unverified issues in game can cause unnecessary panic in the community. When there is an issue that the EVE: Valkyrie community needs to be aware of, it will be communicated via an official statement from CCPafterthorough investigation.

16. Redundant and re-posted threads will be locked.
As a courtesy to other forum users, please search to see if there is a thread already open on the topic you wish to discuss. If so, please place your comments there instead. Multiple threads on the same subject clutter up the forums needlessly, causing good feedback and ideas to be lost. Please keep discussions regarding a topic to a single thread.

17. Impersonation of another party is prohibited.
Forum users are strictly prohibited from impersonating any other party on the EVE: Valkyrie forums. This includes but is not limited to Characters, ISD volunteers, CCP employees, CCP partners and other forum users. This also includes suggesting that an employee of CCP or an ISD volunteer will perform a task for you.

18. New player bashing will not be tolerated.
New members of the EVE: Valkyriecommunityare encouraged to use, but are not restricted to the EVE: Valkyrie new player hanger. This forum is specifically designed to provide a platform for those who are new to the EVE: Valkyrie community to ask questions and learn more about EVE: Valkyrie. More experienced forum users are encouraged to participate by assisting new players with helpful and courteous responses. All flaming, trolling and posts of a derogatory nature will be deleted, and will be considered a severe breach of the forum rules.

19. All posts must be related to EVE: Valkyrie.
Posts regarding other companies and products or services are prohibited and any content of this nature will be removed. Posts regarding other games are however permitted on the Off Topic forum for the purposes of discussion only.

20. Posting advertisements is prohibited.
Posts discussing or linking to online auction sites or other sales sites that offer goods or services for real life currency are prohibited.

21. Posting regarding RMT (Real Money Trading) is prohibited.
Posts discussing, linking to, or advertising RMT, including but not limited to the sale of game accounts for real life money are strictly prohibited.

22. Post constructively.
Negative feedback can be very useful to further improve EVE: Valkyrie provided that it is presented in a civil and factual manner. All users are encouraged to honestly express their feelings regarding EVE: Valkyrie and how it can be improved. Poststhatarenon-constructive, insulting or in breach of the rules will be deleted regardless of how valid the ideas behind them may be. Users are also reminded that posting with a lack of content also constitutes non-constructive posting.

23. Re-opening locked topics is prohibited.
Recreatingorre-opening a thread that has been closed by a moderator is prohibited. Threads that have been closed by a moderator have been closed for the benefit of the community. Re-opening a locked thread will result in its removal.

24. Off-topic posting is prohibited.
Off-topic posting is permitted within reason, as sometimes a single comment may color or lighten the tone of discussion. However, excessive posting of off-topic remarks in an attempt to derail a thread may result in the thread being locked, or a forum warning being issued to the off-topic poster.

25. Ban evasion is prohibited.
Forum suspensions and bans are issued when a user grossly violates the forum rules. While they are rarely issued, they are applied with the community’s best interests in mind. Attempts to bypass a suspension or ban via the use of alternate accounts will result in additional action, and in some instances may result in the permanent revocation of forum posting privileges across all accounts. Similarly, having another forum user post on your behalf if you are unable to do so may result in an extension of your suspension or ban, as well as the user who does so also receiving similar reprimand regardless of their warning history.

26. Please use the correct language when posting on the forums.
The default language for posting on the EVE: Valkyrie forums is English. Please use English when posting as a courtesy to other forum users, unless the forum channel is specifically created for discussion in another language as part of our localized language specific sub-forums.

27. Posts that distort the forum layout are prohibited.
Posts that are deliberately designed to distort the layout of the EVE: Valkyrieforums, or character names that are of an inappropriate length and stretch the forums will be removed. Thiskindofbehaviournotconductive to the community spirit that CCP promotes, and posts of this nature will be deleted. Users who engage in this type of behaviour may face temporary suspension or permanent revocation of their forum posting privileges.

28. Abuse of CCP employees and ISD volunteers is prohibited.
CCP operate a zero tolerance policy on abuse of CCP employees and ISD volunteers. This includes but is not limited to personal attacks, trolling, “outing” of CCP employee or ISD volunteer player identities, and the use of any former player identities when referring to the aforementioned parties.

Our forums are designed to be a place where players and developers can exchange ideas in a polite and friendly manner for the betterment of EVE: Valkyrie. Players who attack or abuse employees of CCP, or ISD volunteers, will be permanently banned from the EVE: Valkyrie forums across all their accounts with no recourse, and may also be subject to action against their game accounts.

29. Rumour mongering is prohibited.
Rumor threads and posts which are based off no actual solid information and are designed to either troll or annoy other users will be locked and removed. These kinds of threads and posts are detrimental to the well being and spirit of the EVE: Valkyrie Community, and can create undue panic among forum users, as well as adding to the workload of our moderators.

30. "Quitting" posts are only permitted on the off topic channel.
CCPrecognize that during the course of gameplay a lot of friendships are made between players and that sometimes if a player is taking a break or departing from the EVE in the Off Topic forum, and must be civil and well worded.

31. Posting of inappropriate content is prohibited.
The posting of pornography, discriminatory remarks which are sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive as well as excessive obscene or vulgar language, posts which discuss or illustrate illegal activity, or an instance of providing links to sites that contain any of the aforementioned is strictly prohibited on the EVE: Valkyrie forums.

Reprimand Policy

The EVE Universe Community Team operates a tiered system of warnings and associated forum suspensions of various lengths, depending on the severity and number of transgressions of the rules. The list below shows the structure of our warning and suspension policy. Please be aware that if a transgression of the rules is severe enough, this policy may be bypassed completely in favor of permanent revocation of a forum user’s posting privileges.


Coupled with this listing, leniency may be applied when issuing a posting suspension if a period of more than 12 months has elapsed between the current warning and any previous action. This leniency lies entirely at the discretion of the EVE Universe Community Team.

Suspension & Appeals

Temporary suspension of posting privileges occurs in line with the above laid out reprimand policy. The duration of a suspension increases every time they are issued due to the accumulation of forum warnings. Forum users are fully entitled to appeal against any actions taken that result in a warning or suspension of forum posting privileges.

Appeals can be made by filing a support ticket under the Forums & Community category with the character that has received the reprimand. Fulljustificationforthebehaviourthatcausedtheissue of the reprimand, plus a solid case for the reinstatement of forum posting privileges must be presented in this support ticket.

The EVE Universe Community Team will make a decision based on the case presented. If this decision is unsatisfactory for the user, then they may request escalation of the support ticket, where a final decision will be made by the EVE Universe Community Manager.

Decisions regarding the revocation or reinstatement of forum posting privileges lie solely with the EVE Universe Community Team, and any decisions made are final.

Permanent Banning & Appeals

A permanent ban is only issued in severe cases where a forum user has grossly violated our rules. Users who are permanently banned from posting on the EVE: Valkyrie forums are entitled to request a review of their forum ban with a view to having it lifted 6 months after it is applied. Once 6 months has elapsed, a user may file a support ticket under the “Forums & Community” category, and the ban will be reviewed by the EVE Universe Community Team.

Decisions regarding permanent forum bans lie solely with the EVE Universe Community Team, and any decisions made are final.


If any forum user has an issue or complaint regarding the conduct of our ISD volunteer moderators or a member of CCP Staff, the EVE Universe Community Team can be reached by filing a support ticket.

If any forum user has an issue or complaint regarding the conduct of a member of the EVE: Universe Community Team, our internal affairs department can be reached via email.

Any complaints received are taken extremely seriously and will be fully investigated.

CCP Policies

CCP’s EULA, the EVE: Valkyrie Terms of Service and the EVE: Valkyrie forum rules are available along with our other game and server related policies on our support policies page.


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