Communication (COM) Alerts


Co-ordination between teammates is essential to victory. With this in mind a number of alerts are available in battle to help a team coordinate their efforts during multiplayer battles. The available messages are as follows:

  • Group Up
  • On My Way
  • Heal Me
  • Assist Me
  • Thanks
  • Objective A (Control & Carrier Assault only)
  • Objective B (Control & Carrier Assault only)
  • Objective C (Control & Carrier Assault only)


To send a Com Alert pilots need to do the following:

  1. Press down on the D-Pad. This will bring up the Com Alerts menu.
  2. Move the right thumbstick to highlight the message they want to send.
  3. Release down on the D-pad to send the message
  4. The message is sent. Any accompanying voice over is played and text will appear in the Team Feed located on ther ight hand side of the cockpit.

The voice used to relay the alert will be randomly selected.

Pilots can opt to send text only alerts to their team if they prefer, or opt out completely of the COM system. This option can be found in the Tactical Menu (pause screen):


There are COM alerts that affect the player's brackets. When Assist Me, Heal Me or Group Up messages are sent, the system will add an icon to the player's brackets. This will then inform teammates as to what the pilot is communicating and also make them easier to identify.

Specific objectives A, B and C that are used in Control and Carrier Assault game modes, have more context-sensitive messaging. When capture point A is either neutral or owned by the enemy team, the com alert issued for A will say “Attack objective A”. If the capture point is under friendly control, it will issue “Defend objective A” com alert.


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