How to Launch EVE: Valkyrie outside VR Mode


With the Warzone Expansion on September 26th, 2017, EVE: Valkyrie can now be played without the need of a VR Headset on PC and PS4.

In order to launch the game out of VR mode, pilots will have to follow different steps depending on their platform.

To start the game in 2D, pilots must simply make sure that their headset (if one is present) is either disconnected or powered off upon launch. The opposite should be done if pilots want to boot into VR mode.

In order to change VR mode after the game is launched, pilots can go to Main Menu > Settings Menu > Gameplay, and toggle the VR Enabled setting to Enabled/ Disabled.

PC: Oculus Rift

Before launching the game, players will have to head to Oculus Home and and click on the drop down icon and select "Start in Desktop Mode".

PC: Steam
In order to launch the game in 2D through Steam, players must simply press "Launch". After this, they will be presented will the following options:


By selecting "Play EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone" they will access the game in 2D.

In order to know more about the Technical Requirements needed to run the game, please visit our Supported Platforms, Minimum Requirements article.


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