Splash Screen Stuck / Unable to Load


If pilots encounter a problem passing the splash screen when loading the game they can attempt the following workarounds: 


Workaround 1. 

Start the game in 2D (see this article). 

In the in-game settings change the resolution to 'Windowed Mode'

Re-start the game in VR Mode. 


Workaround 2.

Delete the 'Saved' folder.  Please shut down EVE: Valkyrie - Warzone when you are deleting the 'Saved' folder inside the following folder:


Please substitute <username> with your local Windows user name.

You will need to enable the display of hidden files and folders in windows explorer.

To open the correct folder press the Windows key + R on the keyboard and then copy and paste the below line and press enter. This will open the correct folder location.





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