Custom Matches


Players are able to setup custom matches, hosted on official servers, to a configuration of their choosing.

Access to the matches can be granted by invite or by setting a password. Alternatively, players can set the match to be publicly accessible or choose to play alone by restricting access.  

Custom Games do not count towards leader-boards or personal stats and do not award XP or progress towards a reward capsule. As custom games do not provide XP they also do not take any time off active implants.

Among other options players are able to configure:

  • Round Timer
  • Clones per Team
  • Carrier Turrets (Enabled / Disabled)
  • AI Difficulty
  • AI Counter Per Team
  • Ships Shields 
  • Ship Ultras 
  • Radar
  • Ship Mods 
  • Friendly Fire 
  • Map Rotation





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