Ship Upgrades and Abilities


Different ships have different abilities and stats. Each ship has their Firepower, Armor, Shield and Speed graded from 0 to 10. If a pilot has unlocked a ship they can view the grades and abilities of a ship via the Hangar view and focusing to the left of the ship model.

A number of upgrades are available to pilots depending upon the ship type. Once purchased the upgrades remain with the pilot and are automatically applied to any future ship of that type he uses. The upgrades are not lost in battle and will continue to provide the pilot with an edge in all his future fights when using that ship type.


Upgrading a ship

Pilots can view any upgrades available via the 'UPGRADES' interface. Any available upgrades will be displayed beneath the ship.

The effect the upgrade has on the ship will be reflected in the stats of the ship with a white square indicating which attribute of the ship is affected and by how much.

Purchasing an upgrade

Once a pilot decides on an upgrade they have to purchase it. Upgrades don't come for free. They require a combination of Silver Credits and Salvage parts. Alternatively if a pilot is lacking any of the required silver or Salvage they can use Gold Bonds to purchase the missing components and complete the upgrade.

The cost of the upgrade can be seen by focusing on the right of the ship where pilots can choose to 'Craft Available Blueprint'.

Once highlighted the cost of the upgrade becomes visible.

The cost of the upgrade will be displayed alongside the pilots assets. Assuming that sufficient assets are in place the Quartermaster will confirm the sale and take care of installing the upgrade for the pilot.

If a pilot is lacking any of the assets to cover the cost then Silver can be used to purchase what is missing.


Upgrade Restrictions

Once an upgrade is installed in a ship no further upgrades of that type will be available. For instance pilots may not install three Energy Upgrades of the same type. 


Upgrade Complete

A ship that has upgrades installed is reflected in the interface by a white circle beneath the ships grades. The impact installed upgrades have on a ships attributes will be denoted by a green square. Empty circles reflect upgrades that have not yet been purchased and installed.





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