XP Transfer


Pilots who have acquired the maximum amount of XP for a particular ship tree (Fighter, Heavy, Support) will continue to gain XP through battles. Because there may currently be no more ships to unlock in that tree the pilot can consider transferring some of their excess XP to another ship tree. 

 The Quartermaster can transfer XP via the XP Transfer service for a cost in Silver.

Restrictions of transfer

XP can only be transferred once the maximum amount of XP for a ship tree has been achieved. The exception to this are Legendary ships which allow XP to be transferred at any time.

XP cannot be transferred to another ship tree that already has the maximum achievable XP in it.


Transferring XP

To transfer XP between ship trees a pilot will first need to select which ship tree the XP will be transferred from.

If surplus XP is available for transfer the amount available will be displayed.

Once 'TRANSFER' has been selected the pilot will then select which ship tree to transfer the surplus XP to.

After the destination ship tree is selected a pilot may then select how much of the surplus XP to transfer. Displayed is the cost in Gold for the transfer and also how much XP is needed to achieve the next XP level in the destination ship tree.

The Quartermaster will summarize the transfer for the pilot and request confirmation.


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