Legendary Ships


Most ships will become available to pilots as their XP grows, assuming they can afford the costs involved with crafting a ship.

However there are some ships known as 'Legendary Ships' that are only available to pilots through means outside of the game; such as the S33, S4 and MkV Wraith Fighter which were part of Founder's Packs.


Legendary Ships differ from ordinary ships in that:

  • Unlike normal ships pilots do not need to reach the maximum XP for the ship tree before XP can be transferred via the XP Transfer service. Thus from the first battle any XP you earn using a Legendary Ship can be transferred to other ship trees using the XP transfer service.
  • Legendary Ships do not have any upgrades. They are already at their best.


 Any Legendary ships that a pilot has access to will be visible via the Hangar -> Legendary ship tree which is represented by a crown icon.

To use the ship pilots will need to assign it to a Launch Tube.


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