Game Modes and Objectives


Through battle participation pilots can earn XP, rewards and salvage; used in Ship Crafting (Unlocking) and Ship Customization among other services.

The intense combat comes in more forms than a simple fight for survival.


Team Death Match

Each team starts with a number of clones available to them. Whenever a pilot on the team is killed the numbers of available clones for that team is reduced by 1. If any teams' available clones are fully depleted, then they lose the battle. 

Should the battle end before either teams' clones are fully depleted then the team with the most remaining clones is the victor. 

If each team has the same amount of clones available, then the battle is a draw.



As with Team Death Match the two teams start with a number of available clones. As well as killing opposing pilots the amount of clones available to a team can also be depleted by controlling objectives in the battlefield.

For every objective that is controlled by a team the opposing teams number of available clones will deplete quicker. Controlling more objectives increases the depletion rate of the enemy teams' available clones.

To capture a control point pilots need to fly within range of the objective and then deploy a drone.


Drones will gradually capture the control point for the pilots, leaving them free to continue flying, engaging the enemy and destroying enemy drones.


Friendly and hostile drones will cancel each other out. For instance, if there are the same number of hostile and friendly drones at an objective then it will be a stalemate. Pilots should therefore actively attack hostile drones (identified as being red) to ensure their teams drones capture the objective.

Each pilot can deploy only one drone at a time. The pilot will be made aware via the HUD when a new drone is available for deployment.


Carrier Assault

The Carrier Assault game mode is a multi-stage battle. In Stage 1 each team will deploy drones at Power Relay Stations with the aim of taking ownership. Once a team has ownership of 2 of the 3 locations the enemy carriers shields will be disabled for a short time.

Stage 2 of the battle involves an attack on the vulnerable enemy carrier or a desperate defense by the opposing team. The attackers will target Cooling Nodes located on the vulnerable carrier, highlighted on the HUD, with the aim of reducing the carriers defense systems. While attacking these nodes pilots will also have to avoid the automated defenses of the carrier as well as aggression from the defending team. All of the nodes will need to be destroyed in order for the final stage of the battle to commence.

Once all the cooling nodes are destroyed the carriers Core will become exposed. The final stage of the battle will see the attackers attempt to destroy the exposed core, accessible via a trench like tunnel, while the defenders attempt to fend of the assault. If sufficient damage is applied to the Core it will overload, giving the attackers a short time to escape the blast radius.



Pilots are able to fight together in a squad or use matchmaking to form a team and fight against AI controlled opponents. In Co-Op game mode pilots will be granted the same amount of rewards as if they were fighting against other pilots in regular combat matches.



Occasionally wormholes will appear and be accessible to pilots brave enough to explore the unknown. More information on wormholes is available in the Wormhole article.



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