Entering Multiplayer Battles and Match Setup


Pilots begin the process of entering combat through the main HUB and selecting the 'Combat - Multiplayer' option.

Match Setup

The 'Match Setup' option allows pilots to select which Game Mode they wish to join.


Before a pilot joins a battle they are given access to the following:

When pilots are ready to enter battle they can choose to 'Start Matchmaking' option which will look for matches based on the choices made in the 'Match Setup'.

Clone Vat and Ship Selection

Before being launched into a battle a pilot will be shown more battle information in the clone vat room. They will also be able to select which ship to launch into battle with. Until a ship is selected pilots will see the 'Waiting for Players' message, however If a pilot takes too long to select a ship then one will be automatically selected for them.


The available ships will depend upon which ships a pilot has opted to place in launch tubes and if the launch tubes have been rented via the Quartermaster


Should a pilot be killed in battle they will be returned to the Clone Vat and be asked to confirm their ship selection again or be automatically launched if they take too long in selecting.




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