Scout and Survival Battles


Live combat against other pilots is not the only option available to players. For players who wish to practice their skills, without gaining any XP, they can opt to fly in Scout or Survival modes.

These battle modes are available by visiting the 'Chronicles - Single Player' area.

The chronicles area provides information about the history of the Valkyrie squadron and battles they have participated in. Pilots have the option to revisit the sites in either the Scout or Survival simulation mode.

Scout Mode

The Scout mode allows pilots to fly freely without fear of attack. However the simulator does contain echoes and salvage that pilots may discover. The echoes are represented by a blue eye icon. When they are approached the pilot will hear a short history of the Valkyrie squadron.


The salvage beacon in the simulator will emit a sonar tone when the pilot is close. The beacon will need to be destroyed before any salvage within can be scooped by the pilot.

 Survival Mode

Pilots can test their combat skills against simulated opponents via the survival mode. Such combat does not grant any XP reward but does allow pilots to compare their scores with others via the leader-boards.




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