Oculus Game Updates / Unsupported Version


If a player logs into EVE: Valkyrie and sees a message concerning 'unsupported version' then it indicates that an update to the game needs to be installed. Such updates can be found by opening the Oculus Home application and looking under the Library - Updates tab.


If no update is visible in the 'Updates' tab of Oculus Home then it is advisable to restart Oculus Home and see if an update is then visible.

Oculus Home Issues

A current limitation of the Oculus store software requires players to have at least 20GB of free disk space on their primary partition (C:\) to apply patches, even if the update size might be considerably smaller.

Players are advised to free up at least 20GB of free disk space, restart the Oculus home software and try applying the update again to ensure a successful installation.


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