Ship Customization


For pilots with more flair, it's possible to customise a ship in a variety of ways with ship skins, decals, and interiors.

Ship Skins

When viewing ships in the Hangar or Customize Fleet view pilots are given the option to customize any ship they have unlocked.


Ship skins are perhaps the most apparent customization option available to pilots. Depending upon the skin, pilots are able to purchase them for Silver Credits.

Purchased skins or customization remain with the pilot and are not removed if the ship is destroyed.

Once purchased, pilots are able to decide which skin to use on their ship. Any skin used will be visible to all battle participants and not just the owner.



Decals and Interiors

Decals add a further layer of customisation, and appear on top of any chosen ship skin.

Ship interiors are also available for the discerning pilot.




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