Ship Crafting (Unlocking)


Not all ships are immediately available to a pilot. Before a pilot can fly some of the more sophisticated ships they must first be unlocked and crafted.

Pilots can view the various ships via the Hangar view and then by selecting on which ship tree (Fighter, Heavy, Support and Legendary) they wish to view.



Before a ship can be crafted its blueprint must first be unlocked. To unlock a blueprint a pilot must have sufficient XP in the same ship tree that the ship belongs to. 

The exception to this is the first ship in the Heavy Class (Spectre) and the first ship in the Support Class (Banshee).

Once a pilot achieves Rank 3 the Spectre will be unlocked, pre-crafted and ready to fly.

Once a pilot achieves Rank 5 the Banshee will be unlocked, pre-crafted and ready to fly.

It is important to note that previous ships in the tree must be unlocked, but not crafted, before any more advanced blueprints can be used.


The XP required to unlock a ship blueprint is displayed by focusing on the ship.



If a pilot does not have sufficient XP in the particular ship tree then they may wish to consider using the XP Transfer service provided by the Quartermaster.



Once sufficient XP is gained a ship blueprint will become available which can be used to craft the ship. It is not necessary to craft previous ships in a tree in order to unlock a subsequent ship.



Crafting a ship using a blueprint requires Silver and Salvage. If a pilot is missing any of the required assets then they can opt to make up the deficit using Gold.



Once the ship is crafted it will be available for use in battle and also for customization and upgrades.



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