Oculus Controls


General Controls

The majority of the interface can be navigated by players turning their head to look at an object. When an object is in focus players will see that it can be activated by pressing the 'A' button on the Xbox controller.

Pressing the 'B' button will return the player to the previous screen they were viewing.

EYE Icon

The 'Eye' icon will also alert players to an aspect of the interface that can be viewed and accessed.


Camera Position Reset

If a player finds that their camera position may be disconnected from their avatar (hovering too high above etc.) then they can reset the position by pressing the 'Back' button on the controller.


Battle Controls

The in-battle controls will depend upon which class of ship (Fighter, Heavy or Support) the pilot is flying.


Fighter (Wraith) - Fighter Controls Image (opens in new window)



Heavy (Spectre) - Heavy Controls Image (opens in new window)

Support (Banshee) -Support Controls Image (opens in new window)


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