Launch Tubes


In order for a pilot to use a ship in battle they must assign it to a launch tube. Launch Tube 1 is always available to pilots without cost. An additional 3 tubes can be purchased to give pilots extra tactical choice during battles.

Required Ranks for Launch Tube Purchasing

Once a pilots proves his worth in battle and reaches the required Rank they then get the option to purchase more launch tubes.

Launch Tube 1: No Rank required - free and already unlocked to all players.

Launch Tubes 2: Rank 5 – 100,000 Silver

Launch Tubes 3: Rank 15 – 500,000 Silver

Launch Tubes 4: Rank 20 – 1,000,000 Silver


Purchasing Launch Tubes

Launch tubes may be purchased through the 'Launch Tubes' service visible via the Quartermaster.

To purchase a launch tube a pilot should focus on the launch tube they wish to purchase and a buy option will be made available (assuming they have achieved the required Rank). Once purchased the launch tube remains available to the pilot and will not need to be purchased again.


Assigning a Ship to a Launch Tube

Once a launch tube has been purchased pilots can assign ships to them by highlighting the ship the wish to assign and then focusing on the Launch Tube until the 'Assign' option is visible.

Before launching into battle pilots can select which ship to use as long as it is assigned to a launch tube.



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