PSVR - Founders Pack


The EVE: Valkyrie Founders Pack for the PlayStation VR includes

  • Legendary 'S4' Wraith Fighter
  • 'Cobalt' Flight Suit, which is automatically applied to a pilot.
  • Official EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation Network Avatar
  • PlayStation VR Founders Pilot' Forum Tag
  • 2500 Gold Bonds

The Founders Pack items will be automatically provided to pilots if they purchase the game digitally.

Disc versions of the game should include a code which can be redeemed via the PlayStation Network to acquire the founders pack items.

There have been some cases where players did not receive the founders pack items or no code was present in the disc version of the game. Any player missing items from the founders pack should receive them automatically within 72 hours of their first login.

The exception is the 'Official EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation Network Avatar' which can only be provided by Sony. Any player missing the 'Official EVE: Valkyrie PlayStation Network Avatar' should contact Sony Customer Support.

Information on how to register on the forums and make use of the 'PlayStation VR Founders Pilot' Forum Tag' can be found in the Forum Accounts and Avatars help center article.




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