Pilot Customization


You can now customize your pilot with a range of helmets and flight suits. There’s a wide variety of styles from sleek to vagabond, and every outlaw’s favourite – skulls! Get creative with the colour and style combinations to create your unique look.

The Pilot Customization options can be found in either the Quartermaster, or by clicking the direct link in your Pilot summary screen. Once in the Pilot Customization menu you will see a preview of your entire pilot and a zoomed in view which shows of the finer details of the helmet or suit you have selected.

You can preview (and rotate) all the available styles and colours in any combination. The shopping cart summary panel to the left of the pilot preview will automatically update to keep track of the currently selected items, colours and price. Once you have the desired outfit simply look at this summary panel to confirm your selections for purchase. Upon leaving the menu the newly purchased items will be applied to your pilot.

You can also use this menu to apply and re-apply any items that you own. Including the option to return to your original (default) pilot suit and helmet.


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